Art Of Eminent Furniture Photography

Furniture photography is a service in demand. Basically, this is the only thing which comes in mind when the need arise for catalogues and promotional materials. To do so, a professional furniture photographer is hired to make the products look unique and attractive. Thus, at first, be sure that the furniture photographer is experienced enough in clicking quality photographs. Provide him/her with a suitable shooting space to set up a realistic and comfortable photoshoot. Keep this in mind that the bigger the space, the harder it is to control the lighting.


Set up an attractive theme for the photos. Consult with the photographer whether the furniture will be the only element or it needs to be a part of a set. This usually depends on the purpose of the pictures and where it is being presented.


Another way of good virtual furniture staging is to consider the use of models. Models can help to bring an element of life in the picture and creates an effect on the viewer. Choose an attractive model with a presentable attitude so that your products can be sold like hot cakes.


It is important to note the variation of lighting which is based on the texture of the furniture. However, this consideration is totally overtaken by the photographers. Still, you must be familiar with the knowledge of lighting. Highly reflective furniture like varnished cabinets, require bigger and diffused light, with paler and larger backgrounds. On the contrary, if it is a sofa or cushion, it must be placed under harder lighting to bring a lively effect.


Make sure to keep the background simple when it comes to furniture photography. Your main focus would be to prioritise the product, and if the the background is boldly patterned or cluttered, it can simply divert the viewer’s attention away from the subject. If you want this, you can go on with patterned or cluttered background.


Furniture photography is considered to be the best when it is clicked from an appropriate angle. This minimises distortion. Good and upright angles can capture more details. However, expert knowledge is often used by the professionals to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.

It is important to remember that a successful furniture photography session can be achieved through a proper preparation. Hire a professional photographer for innovative ideas of preparation and to achieve a fruitful furniture photography campaign.

How To Use Drones For Stunning Real Estate Photography

One of the most exciting developments in the field of photography is the drone. It is a high flying camera that enables capturing of unique viewpoints of properties for sale. Recently the cost of drone has dropped dramatically which is another reason behind its popularity. To this day, a drone is an important essential for the real estate agencies.

As with most modern technologies, there are a vast range of drones available in the market. Similar to camera, the drones are also categorised as per the quality of camera and the flying characteristics of the UAV itself. There are low cost models on sale too, that generally take very basic images. These kinds of drones may not be fit for the real estate marketing campaigns. The images usually appear blur if taken from a distance. For the best results, you must contact a real estate photographer who provides drone photography services.

Stunning Real Estate Photography

The Ease of Capturing

Drones can be the biggest and easiest way to advertise a property over the Internet for sale. Just make sure that they are handled by professionals as they know how to take the images from perfect angles. Before you start your marketing campaign, determine the rules of photography in your area. However, drone photographers already know the standards of different places that come within their service area. The standards usually limit the maximum height of flying, and also how far away you can send the drone.

If you are handling the UAV on your own, make sure to start somewhere wide open, like a local park, and spend some time handling the unmanned vehicle as well as discerning the controls. Always be aware of the camera’s location. Because, as these cameras have a wide angle lens (20mm equivalent), it is easy to misjudge the position while getting closer to objects like trees and buildings.

Defining Rules & Regulations

  • Drones must always be in the Line of Sight (LOS). Basically which means you should always be able to see the drone.
  • They can go up to a height of 133 metres, which means 400 feet.
  • Never fly a drone over any group of people.
  • Respect others’ privacy.
  • Don’t even try to fly the drones anywhere near airports or other no-fly zones as specified in your area.

Drones are the best way of capturing images of a property on sale and letting the buyers view their dream homes from a bird’s eye view.

Is Drone Photography Important For Your Property Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are seeing new light with the invention of drones. Also known as Unmanned Ariel Vehicles, these interesting objects are found everywhere these days. One can like or hate them, but there is no way to ignore them. Drone photography has come up as a boon for advertising campaigns and there is no second thought about how effective and useful it has proven itself to be.

Drone Photography

It was not even few years ago when brands had to spend a whooping amount on creating intriguing advertisement for their customers with the use of lavish helicopters to capture dreamlike shots. Those days are gone as drones which can fit inside personal baggage are replacing these expensive techniques.

High-end quadcopters and octocopters, to name a few, come with excellent feature to safely support high-resolution cameras. These cameras capture shots and shoot videos with ease and this in turn has given a new dimension to the world of advertising and marketing. Drone photography is spreading like wild fire and it is not taking much time for brands to be charmed by the convenience and usage of this tiny little invention.

Let us see a few perks of using drones for advertising campaigns:

  • Cost effective and really light on the pocket as compared to helicopters.
  • Easy to move around with because they are small in size and can easily fit inside bagpacks.
  • Drones are easily available online and using them is a child’s play, so it is not rocket science for first time users as well.

Videos shot with drones are likely to reach a colossal audience base because all top social networking sites allow streaming of recorded drone cameras. It does not come as a surprise that brands are trying to crack new ways to attract more and more customers and also they are trying to be more appealing to their existing customers.

As far as marketing is concerned the online forum is gaining more and more traffic everyday and it is necessary to come up with new and exceptional ideas to be different and evidently significant from their counterparts. Drone cameras are serving this purpose and top brands are resorting to drone photography and videos to churn top-notch content and get noticed by potential customers. If you are a new in the field of marketing and advertisement and want to produce something different, then without a second thought go for drones as they are becoming a revolutionary part of marketing campaigns.

Another fascinating aspect of drones are the influencers who are people who operate drones professionally. Brands are shaking hands with influencers who will do all the footwork for them like buying the correct drone and operating it to capture images and record videos. Here is an example you can consider – travel brands are roping in photographers from Instagram to work for them and promote the concerned destination.

As such, drone photography is the next big thing and every brand small or large should start looking at the positive aspects of this revolutionary object.

Virtual Staging – An Innovation In Real Estate Industry

03In the recent era, real estate agents have started using the power of Internet when it comes to selling properties. With the recent estimates being that over 80 percent of the home buyers search their dream home online, it is imperative that real estate agents take the advantage of the latest technologies available.


The Definition Of Virtual Staging

Virtual home staging is also known as virtual furniture staging. It is one of the newest trends that has emerged recently to showcase various homes online. Rather than using traditional way of displaying a house, virtual staging is used to give a complete refurbished look of a property. Using a computer program, virtual home stagers take pictures of a property and alter it in a positive way to gain potential customers for the real estate agents. This can involve everything, from changing wall colors to moving around furniture.

Experts say, that virtual staging is far more cost-effective than traditional home staging, which is usually an expensive and time consuming step for sellers.

Virtual Staging Implementation

Vacant homes that have no furnishings or personal touches benefit the most from virtual staging. Empty houses can face difficulties when being promoted through photographs. Such photographs make visualisation difficult for potential buyers. The photos appear cold and uninviting.

With the help of virtual staging, you can easily add elegant furniture pieces and area rugs to personalise the spaces. The rooms automatically become inviting, which is exactly what the potential customers are looking for.

With the constant increase of competition in the field of real estate industry, this major improvement in photographic technology has helped the realtors to gain more potential customers. Photographers are hired for a photo shoot, where they shoot a number of photographs and then edit the photos to provide virtual staging. Thus, virtual staging is the process of adding enormous appeal to a particular room of a property. It can also be applied to the entire property on sale. It helps the customers to see the furnished rooms along with the actual dimensions. These edited images are transferred to a website. Whether the photos are posted on a personalised website or on a web page that are commonly accessible by all realtors, virtual staging can upgrade your property’s images on the top list.

As the real estate industry is more Internet-based nowadays, virtual staging is one of the key elements in this respect.